Portable Lamps Series 6148

Portable Lamps Series 6148

Series 6148

  • Latest LED technology
  • Very high light intensity
  • Low weight
  • Lamp head pivoting by 190°
  • Main light continuously dimmable
  • Long battery life
  • Ergonomic one-hand operation
Introduction Data sheets Operating Instructions Certificates

The portable lamps of the Series 6148 are explosion-protected electrical equipment. They are used as portable lighting equipment in hazardous areas of Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

The lamp is charged outside the hazardous area.

Zone 0 1 2 20 21 22
For use in x x x x

Data sheets

Document Size Language
Data sheet 589 kB English
Data sheet 593 kB German
Data sheet 983 kB French

Operating Instructions

Document Size Language
Operation Instructions 3,48 MB English/German


Type Certificate No. Document-Type Language Cer. Body Country/ Region
6148 11-1-265-2013 Operating permission ru GOS Belarus
6148 190511JUL1027 Operating permission ru MESRK Kazakhstan
6148/.. IBEXU11ATEX1066 Ex Certificate deen IBE European Union (ATEX)
6148/.. IECEXIBE110009 Ex Certificate en IBE IECEx
6148/.. 12132014 Ex Certificate sr IZP Serbia
6148/.. KZ7500317010117689 Ex Certificate enkkru NCEC Kazakhstan
6148/.. 04B01809 Ex Certificate ru STV Russian Federation
6148/.. ULBR120145 Ex Certificate enpt ULB Brazil
6148/11 PPC00048418 Operating permission ru RTN Russian Federation