Case study: Nitrogen production plant for tankers

R. STAHL provides system solutions for hazardous areas for a wide variety of applications, which ranges from engineering, manufacturing and fitting of specialised climate control cabinets, constructing special-purpose control centres, to outfitting drilling rig operator stations. An example from the oil and gas industry is e.g. found on a number of tankers that use generator systems for nitrogen production supplied by a Danish manufacturer.

When flammable liquids are unloaded, the empty ship tanks are flushed with nitrogen to lower the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere, which decreases the risk of ignition. The protective gas is produced on board; expensive time spent in the harbour is reduced. The Danish manufacturer of the generators fits the major part of a so-called PSA station in a 20-foot container placed on deck. R. STAHL supplies a system solution comprising all automation technology as a fully integrated unit, and also handles the installation in the container. This system from a single source includes components like pressurised encapsulated enclosures (CUBEx), explosion-protected plug connectors (miniCLIX), remote I/O technology with intrinsically safe circuits (IS1), and a control panel (Exicom ET-125). Besides the selection and combination of suitable technology in various types of protection, systems engineering also extends to the implementation of comprehensive communication possibilities between control, remote I/O, and HMI technology.